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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  August 13, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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thing for firemen, even if they have cats. >> i thought that is what you are going to learn from the camel stuff. come on. what did you learn? >> i learned some important things about cats today. and not to have one as a single man, according to joe scarborough. >> not that you will ever be one. >> no, i hope not. >> where is patrick? >> we love patrick. a hell of a guy. joe, you can't walk off here. >> i'll leaving. >> what are you going to do? >> i'm gonna torch this place. have a great weekend with, everybody, see you become on monday. chris jansing, thanks for a great week. >> thank you for having me. >> time for the daily run down with chuck and savannah. iowa under water. hundreds forced to leave as historic flooding hits the state. have dense really got their mojo back in the daily run down interview with the man who says so the man who has to say so dnc chair, tim kaine. amazing, the support
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and the love and he having brought to me. >> they love you one day and then they don't. why everyone's favorite flight attendant is experiencing a backlash today. >> i think it going to get one of those slater looks, we ask him about it. it is friday the 13th, the only one of the year. i'm chuck todd. >> i'm little scared. i'm savannah gutry. get right to the run down, start this morning with the floods in iowa. three straight days of rain, hundreds evacuated. ron allen on the ground in colfax, iowa today. good morning, ron. what is the situation there? >> reporter: it is an unlucky friday the 13th here in this neighborhood. as you can see, most of these homes behind me, the small community are evacuated. the people left several days ago and probably going to be several more days before they can come back. the water here is receding. the river nearby has been going down, down quickly as a matter of fact, but there's still about three or four feet of water here on the street and all the became thes are flooded, some of the first floors of these homes are
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flooded. there are even worse problems in ames, iowa, a city of about 50,000 people, which is about 30 miles from here or so there, the knew his pal drinking water system has been knocked out because the ground was so saturated, so heavy, the underground pipes broke in about eight places. they have only been able to fix about six of them. so there is no water pressure there is no drinking water, there is no water into anybody's home and people are relying on bottled water donations. and they are rationing it out there, about a gallon a day to most families. a very difficult situation there that is also the home of iowa state university, which has planned to open up classes in about a week or some they had to shut down the school yesterday to all but essential personnel but today, they are reopening it and most of the school wasn't touched, labs, classrooms. but again, a grim situation in this country a couple more days and a threat of more rain tonight. >> well there it s ron allen for us in iowa with those floods. this isn't usually the time of year they are worried about t thanks very much. we are with keeping our eye on the gulf today where we may
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finally hear two little words that mission has been accomplished. nbc's charles hadlock joins us now from venice, louisiana. charles, what is it we are expecting? there has been no oil flowing into the gulf for over a month now, but what is it that the government's supposed to say today that makes us say it won't happen? >> reporter: i'm not sure they are going to use the word "mission accomplished" but with we could hear later today that the static kill that operation that was performed last week may have had the unintended effect of performing the bottom kill at the same time so effective the well dead. we won't know that for several more hours. admiral thad allen expected to give a news conference at 1:45 eastern time today. yesterday, bp ran tests on the well to see what the pressure readings are. their theory is the static kill added so much cement into the well bore it went all the way down to the reservoir and back up the outside of the casing that's where the about the tomorrow kill was supposed to come in and add cement but if
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cement is already there, it doesn't make much sense to break into the well and add more cement, but it is also a public relations nightmare that for nearly four months now, they have been shake the about the tomorrow kill is the sure-fire way to kill this well. now it may not be necessary and the trouble is having to explain that to a public along the gulf coast, which is anxious to hear that the well is finally dead. chuck, savannah? >> indeed. charles hadlock in venice, louisiana, thank you. moving on, a suspected serial killer is being held in georgia this morning. police caught one health him moments before they say he was about to hop a men to israel. ron mot st. live for us in atlanta this morning. ron, good morning. >> good morning, to you. 33-year-old elias abuelaalzam, trouble saying that name, an extradition this morning we just found out before a judge here in atlanta. as you mentioned, arrested wednesday night before getting on a plane to israel. he is an israeli citizen. he was holding an expired
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passport, trying to figure out whether whether he was going to get on the plane or they flagged him. this was a combination of a little bit of luck and good police work. police in michigan where this young man is suspected of killing five people in these 18 stabbings, he is expected to go become to flint, michigan where this stabbing on the 27th of july is the one charge he is being faced with with at this point. there certainly should be others as the evidence is collected but there was a gentleman who was stand on the 27th and survive and said he thinks about this stabbing he have day that he sees that star on his chest. savannah, chuck, back to you. >> ron motment, the latet, than. in less than an hour from now, maxine waters is expected to publicly refute ethics violations and do it in a very open way w nbc's luke russert following this from capitol hill. cameras and reporters being brought in for this maxine waters tell-all. >> that's right, chuck. we have been hearing for about a week now that maxine waters was
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eager to tell her side of the store detroit press and she will do it in the room behind meat 10 a.m. we expect to get a full printed out bullet point refutal to everything that the ethics committee has charged her with. it is going to be interesting to see what exactly her defense is and her colleagues believe she is guilty of actually conspireing to get t.a.r.p. money to a bank that her husband had $350,000 worth of shares in which ultimately would have all gone away, had it not been bailed out. she says she is going to lay out her defense and take questions for the press for up to two hours it could be a marathon session and ms. waters wants to clear her name. it will be appointment tv, my friend. >> luke russ are the on capitol hill watching that for us. not great for the democrats to have yet another public defense issue -- >> friday news dump day about the only thing they can be happy about. we will move on n california, a federal judge has clobbered the way for gay couples to get married starting next week that is if an appeals court does not step in first. pete williams is nbc news
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justice correspondent. so pete, a significant amount of confusion, i think, for folks in california were do you see this going now? >> what the judge said is i can't issue a stay here because the other side here, the people who support proposition 8, can't show any injury to them. if the state stay stays in effect they don't have concrete injury, significant for giving a stay. i will wait until next week to give orderly time for the court to get to the court of appeals. to now what i think you are asking about, even though the jim in this case gave the proposition 8 proponents permission to come in and defend it in the trial court, there is a sort of different set of rules for what it takes to be able to get the legal permission to go and take an appeal. and the judge says very straight up in his opinion yesterday, i don't think they have the legal standing to do that. so that's going to be the first question, the proponents of prop 8 have gone to the court of
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appears, ant want an emergency hearing to get a stay. we are going to see, do they have the right too appeal or not? legal scholars says the law points in one way, the courts can find a way if they want to take this. >> pete, they have filed the appeal. do we know hot three judges are yet? >> not yet it is the luck of the draw. >> pete williams, chief justice correspondent. thanks very much. in chicago, attorneys for rod blagojevich are predicting a hung jury after the jury says they have agreed on only two of the 24 counts facing the ex-governor. nbc's john yang following the trial for us. john, they have decided these two how long do we expect them to sit there and see if they can come to any sort of conclusion on the other 22 counts, even if it is just a if you more of them? >> chuck, there is really no way of telling. they have taken fridays off. they are not working on fridays, no deliberations today. part of that i think, may be because they got used to that monday through thursday schedule during the trial. so, there's really no indication of how much longer it's going to take.
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you know, last t-- the last couple of days is the first time the judge asked rod blagojevich to be in the courtroom which is an indication the judge thought perhaps things could come to an end the last couple of days but also means that blagojevich is waiting -- publicly weight at his house for the first time so we were treated to sight yesterday of rod blagojevich sitting in cafeteria along with reporters and playing a trivia game along with reporters or trivia game brought by, i should add, one of my nbc colleagues, producer for nbc 5 here in chicago. so we were treated to the sight of rod blagojevich sitting there shouting out "roger rabbit. al capone's vault" with as he waited to hear what the jury was going to do. >> my gosh. one way to pass the time. >> was he good at the trivia? >> he was pretty good. at one point, courtney copenhagen said you have got one answer right. he said "all i need is 23 more" referring to the charges against
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him. >> his wit sin tact, as he sweats out the jury verdict. nbc's john yang in chicago. thank you. well, just six weeks after taking charge of u.s. forces in afghanistan, general david petraeus is already, of course, under pressure to show progress and fast. >> in an exclusive interview to be broadcast on "meet the press" on sunday, he told david gregory he is fully aware between now and next july when troops are beginning to be moving out, phone it is just a few troops. >> is your job here now as commander to try to slow down that washington clock? >> i think our job is again to show those in washington that there is progress being made and to do that, we have got to build on the progress that has been establish sod far, because there's certain nothing like irreversible momentum. >> be sure to watch with the entire exclusive interview with jen petraeus this sunday on nbc's "meet the press." check your local listings two quick thing hads about it it was surprising to hear the general basically say, hey, i'm not here to deal with any politics
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because the white house really does hope he can help with the domestic politics on this front. >> he said i'm aware of the politics but not driven by the politics. coming up with a gloomy economy and sagging poll numbers what is the answer for democrats? >> "the daily rundown" interview next with democratic chairman tim kaine. steven slater slides into controversy, america may love him but fellow passengers say he was the problem. >> what? in today's washington speak, hello it is the president on the line. >> good grief. >> look at that picture. first, a look ahead at the president's schedule. you are watching "the daily rundown" on msnbc. >> not much today but he is doing a ramadan dinner, break the fast dinner later tonight. be right back.
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when you want to go forward, what do you put the car in? d. when you want to go backwards what do you do? you put it in r. >> the theme we are supposedly going to be hear from president obama for a couple of months, next week, three straight days, democrats try to rev up momentum heading into the midterm elections. >> tim kaine joins us. thanks for being with us. >> good to be back. >> the primary in colorado. the white house, democrats really excited, saying that was mark of the president really making a difference in a primary. one hand, the president made a difference in colorado, of course, when your candidate one with, other cases, new jersey, virginia governor's race, massachusetts, where the candidate the president campaigned for didn't win and you guys would say, well, it is not a referendum on obama. can you really have it both
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ways? >> that is a good philosophical question. i will focus on this race. the colorado race was good for us, not only terms who we nominated, we did put a lot of effort into that senate race but also what we see in colorado and connecticut is the republicans nominating very ideologically politically extreme candidates. the be tea party is producing the extreme and flawed candidates and given democrats wonderful chances to win races that five or six months ago, most folks were saying we couldn't win with. seeing it in kentucky, nevada, colorado, connecticut that is part of what's going on in the ground in these elections. tough climate for us no doubt about it but seeing some real cleans of sun breaking through the clouds here. >> well, governor it seems like you want to -- you feel like you
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have something to run against, but you look at our poll this week. you look at what you are hearing from independent voters, you look at what is going on. the question i have, are you guys going to propose something new, if you give us the majority back this is how we are going to change in seems voters want change from democrats. right now, all we are hearing is, well, we are not them. >> well, no actually that isn't our message that is part of a message but the message is pick the team that had is doing the heavy lifting to get the economy and the nation turned around again. you know, our -- our economy was shrinking in 2009, it's growing now. we were losing jobs at the inauguration day in 2009, we are adding jobs now. the stock market was at 6000 in '09, now 10,000. the president said we are not where we want to be yet, a long way to go the question for the
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american public, do you want to keep climbing, keep moving forward with a team that is going to do the heavy lifting or put it back in the hands of candidates who either on the republican side say they are just -- their strategy is to embrace the same policies of the previous administration that put us in the tailspin or even more extreme ideas, abolish federal departments price, vat advertise social security. this is what the republican candidates are proposing and not what the american public wants. >> but you kind of mentioned, you echo something we hear a lot from the president on our beat, this notion that republicans want take us back. he has actually in the also couple of weeks started mentions george w. bush by name. are you, the president, democrats, walking the line there of kind of going with a campaign 2008 playbook, blaming bush, running against bush again, is that an appealing strategy, do you think, for voters? >> well, it's -- you know, less about kind of completely what's appealing, just what's factual. when you ask john boehner, the
9:19 am
leader of the republicans in the house, well what are you going to do if you guys get the majority? he says, well, we are going to extend the push tax cuts, going to repeal wall street reform, repeal health care reform, those are the thing things he vase their top priorities. savannah, we are going to share that over and over again with the american public. while folks are concerned in a tough time, i have not met a single american who says, you know what we really need to go become and do those things that were being done that put the american economy into the worst tailspin that has happened since the 1930s. nobody wants to go backwards that is the basic choice we are laying out for the voters. >> governor, we are hearing lot of talk from democrats about trying to bring social security into the debit. we heard you bring it up. you say a bunch of these republican candidates want to do it i want to show you some numbers about trust in handling the issue of social security n october 2006, nbc news/"wall street journal" poll, democrat also a 28 point advantage on this now, two years later,
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democrats have a 4-point advantage on social security. why do you think the american public is losing faith in the democratic party, forget why the republican numbers haven't changed, losing faith in the democratic party to handle social security. why is that? >> well, you know, chuck, i'm actually not sure i can give you a good answer on that, but here is a thought. with so many republican marquee candidates now coming out and saying social security was horrible policy it is unconstitutional it is a ponzi scheme we want to privatize t we will talk about that tomorrow is the 75th anniversary of the signing of social security by president roosevelt, a hallmark for the nation. we will talk about what the republicans' marquee candidates are planning to do about social security. and i think you will see that four-point margin ex-sent pretty significantly between now and election day. >> finally, governor, i know you are familiar with what white house spokesman robert gibbs stayed this week about what he termed the professional left,
9:21 am
progressives -- >> has been brought to my attention it is true. >> so, you are aware of it. i know, our colleague joe scarborough asked you the other day what you thought about it? you said you think gibbs walked back the remarks. i want to play you gibbs in the briefing a day later, he seems to be standing by t let's fly and i will ask you about t. >> this was not a mistake, something you said in error? >> it was borne out of frustration but i don't think it was -- again, i think it was borne out of frustration. >> so governor cane, robert gibbs and his deputy are basically saying, look, what we said was true, maybe inartfully put but the professional left is a problem for us. what's your take on that? that was a mistake? >> well, it was inartfully expressed and if he had to go over again, he probably wouldn't have said it, there is a frustration. here is what ho we are as democrats, we are people inpatient and want to achieve progress.
9:22 am
thomas edison has a great phrase he said. "discontent is the first sign of progress" much we want to do more, we want to do better, we want to go farther. nobody wants that more than the president. we have accomplished some tremendous things in this administration in terms of a domestic agenda and policies being passed, some of the most far-reaching in the last century, we all know there is more to do there isn't a single area across the whole spectrum where the president would say, okay, we have i have done enough, we don't need to do more. we want to do more. we want people to recognize the accomplishment wes achieved but sure a lot more to do. >> dnc chairman tim kaine. are you lobbying robert gates, the defense secretary to not pull the jobs out of virginia? >> the joint forces in virginia. sect tary recommended he thinks that should be phased down. that has been a great both military asset and job generator for virginia. i'm not gonna challenge -- i can't yet challenge the secretary of defense on defense matters but what i will say is this, it is a big picture issue.
9:23 am
there is a need and the president is embrace the need to control the side of the -- the size of the federal budget and he is going to look at everything from defense to current freeze on discretionary social spending. everything has to be examined. >> governor tim kaine, thank you so much for your time. hope to see you back soon. up next in today's decision 2010, the political world is buzzing about whether republicans can take back the house. we will reveal our bracket of 64 house races. get ready to print it out. plus -- >> seems like something here has resonated with a few people and that's kind of good. >> well, he has got zillions of friends on facebook but fellow passengers, not so much. the steven slater saga takes an unexpected turn today. >> oh there you go. first, robocalls that's washington speak for an automated phone call with with a prerecorded message from a politician or sometimes a celebrity that feels, well, robotic. hence, robocall.
9:24 am
>> i thought we were playing "mr. roboto" here. >> sorry, mr. styx. >> you have something you want us to clarify, song ", we will take ". >> we will get robotic here. you are watching "the daily rundown," only on msnbc. ♪ just one bite opens a world of delight... ♪ ♪ with tasty grilled flavor and goodness to savor ♪ ♪ friskies grillers blend. ♪ feed the senses.
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all right. today in the place of a top ten, we are bringing you the nbc news field of 64, an ncaa hoops-like look at the 64 most vulnerable house seats this cycle. republicans need a net, as you know, 39 seats to win the majority back in the house. this is the battlefield. print out your bracket. we have got snapshots of what i would call my final four. these are the four seats that i think will tell us as much about where this control of the house is going than anyone. i'm going to start in the midwest region. missouri's fourth district this is congressman ike skelton. this is the veteran democrat. hasn't had a tough race, frankly
9:28 am
in over a decade. really hasn't had a tough race since he got elected back in 1976, but this a seat that has been moving toward the republicans. john mccain carried the seat in 2008. this is a tough one. republicans have a good candidate. skelton, around a long time. anti-washington atmosphere a popular chairman the house armed services committee. he could be in trouble. out west, washington 3 this is an open seat, the purest swing seat i think in the country. barack obama won it with 53%. think about that number that matches his national vote total, george w. bush carried the district in 2000 and 2004. you can't get more swing district than that. democrats believe they are able to clear the primary field, believe they have a good candidate there but republicans are hopeful, now that the top of the ticket has a strong republican candidate in neil rossi. this is one to watch. now, let's go to the south, my number one seed out there to
9:29 am
watch, the virginia 5 race. this is tom perriello, a guy that got swept in, a democrat that got swept in with barack obama when he carried virginia. get all this extra surge voters. perriello has not voted against the white house. he has voted for everything, health care, cap and trade, stimulus, you name it. he has been with the president. will that be the reason why he can't get a second term? finally in the northeast, republicans cannot take control of the house if they don't win seats in the northeast. new hampshire two is interesting to me, like a lot of places around the country, former republican members of congress are trying to get their old seats back. charlie bass lost in 2006. this time, he is the republican front runner n 2010 this is a swing district in new hampshire, which had been trending democrat, savannah but now it is very much a swing district these days and if republicans in the live free or die state they don't like their taxes there if
9:30 am
they can't come back this year in the a place like the northeast in new hampshire, they will never hold new hampshire again. >> thanks. coming up, gm is posting a profit, you the taxpayer own 61% of it. the bad news a management shakeup that came out of nowhere. plus -- >> before i go, could you do that thing for me again? >> oh, anything for you, mrs. ross. >> we are shameless. we all remember that legendary ac slater character from "saved by the bell", chuck's favorite show. america fell in love with another slate they are week and now falling out of love what is going on? only one man can tell us it is nbc's jeff rossin and he is live next. but first, today's trivia question from the almanac of american politics. congressman charlie rangel has defeated what father/consome bin nation in two separate primary campaigns? the answer and more coming up.
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i'm from the gulf coast. my family spends a lot of time here. i have a personal interest in ensuring that we get this job done right. i'm keith seilhan. i'm in charge of bp's cleanup on the gulf coast. bp has taken full responsibility for the cleanup and that includes keeping you informed. you may have heard that oil is no longer flowing into the gulf. there's less oil coming ashore every day, but we still have thousands of people ready to clean it up if it does. we're going to be here as long as it takes to make this right.
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bottom of the hour now. let's take a quick look at what's driving this friday the 13th. >> officials now say the relief well being drilled in the gulf may not actually be necessary to permanently plug that well. at 1:45 this afternoon, admiral thad allen is expected to announce whether last month's so-called static kill procedure had the unexpected effect of sealing that broken well for good. later this morning, president obama will sign as 600 million border security bill into launch the bill ramps up law enforcement and equipment on the mexican border. and as the opening bell rings on wall street today, more evidence the recovery is slowing. a new report shows that with the exception of autos and gas, retail sales broadly declined this month. it looks like the market could be headed for a fourth straight down day. we will keep our eye on that. >> that good news in europe, we
9:35 am
will see. flight attendant steve slater's 15 minutes of fame -- you know what i don't buy it is coming to an end. >> not if we have anything to say about it, right? >> his story about confronting a rude passenger won him legions of fans, including these two, but now people actually on that flight say it is slater who was out of line. >> cold water. cold water. >> his behavior throughout the whole flight was a little bit erratic. he was walking up and down the aisles slamming the overhead bins. his whole attitude was very disgruntled like he had, you know, something going on, was having a bad day or something of the nature. >> nbc news jeff rossin has more from new york. you know what, he will never be judged for having a bad day and bag little grumpy. >> that's right. so odd bad day. >> before we continue, did you guys play a "saved by the bell" clip? is that the most shameless interview ever. >> you didn't think of it first, rossin. >> i was impressed. anyway.
9:36 am
maybe not. >> what happened? >> the passengers say that gash on his head didn't happen in those moments before he flipped out it happened even before they took off in pittsburgh, perhaps before the plane even taxied away from the gate there to take off. they say on the plane, he was -- you heard her talk about it slamming doors, slamming the refrigerator. walked up -- that passenger, asked her to help him clean up a coffee spill and he said, "honey, i don't think so, i'm taking care of myself first. take care of it yourself." other passengers saying similar things, he was just generally rude and clearly having a bad day and taking it out on the passengers. this really becomes this was guy a hero after all, kind of standing up for the little worker against a rude passenger or just somebody who had a bad day and melted down, you know? >> he did have multiple fights that day, could have been a rude passenger on another flight. >> the philosophical question,
9:37 am
tim kaine word from earlier, setting aside whose fault it was -- >> the details of the story. >> setting aside the facts, the act of going down the slide i think is what -- >> the fact the guy deployed the slide and grabbed the beer that is part of the story. >> the two facts. we are going to stick to those two facts and that's it. >> ride it out to the end. a couple months from now. >> let's pull ripcord on this segment. >> by the way with, he wants to be aly if the attendant at jetblue. he wants his job back. >> good luck with that. >> keeps posted. love you. >> love you too, bye. >> we have really lost it. move on to some serious news. a shakeup for general motors and it is coming at an awkward time, too. ed whitaker is out at ceo just as the company gets ready to launch a landmark stock offering. >> phil lebeau covers the auto industry for cnbc. help us out here. ed whitaker. this is the guy that became 291st century lee iacocca, really turned around the image of gm with those ads saying we
9:38 am
paid back the government. >> yep. >> i have to admit i was shocked that he is not going to be here for the ipo. i would think wall street wouldn't be happy with that. i think wall street has a lot of gets corporate governance at general motors. we were expecting the company to file a registration today for an ipo. i'm being told it is likely not going to happen today, likely be pushed back to monday or tuesday of next week. and those questions corporate governance get all wait down to this one specific point. when the board of directors was put in at general motors by the federal government, as they were going into bankruptcy, we were told the old days of gm are gone, when corporate governance was terrible, when they didn't have a clue about what they were doing this new board of directors stocked with veterans of corporate america, would make the right choices and would do things the right way. well, if ed witacre consider has been saying for some time he is not going to stick around and wants to leave before the end of the year, why is there a rush job to put in a replacement within the last week in dan
9:39 am
ackerson, who is on the gm board of direct officers will be no public search. caught a lot of people by surprise. how is the board of directors running general motors? big question as they prepare to go through a public stock offering. >> yeah. and bottom line it for people because, look, i mean, this isn't a company that americans are just watching as a spectator. >> yeah. >> taxpayers own 61% of this company it is a critical time, as it is about to do this initial public offering, selling its stock on the open market. so are these questions of confidence and who is running the ship, does it affect -- i mean, the value that it might get and ultimately whether taxpayers get paid back? >> well it could affect the initial take, full, on wall street. do the investment banks look at gm and say, we have as much confidence in this company performing as we expected before with a new ceo in place? ultimately whether or not the taxpayers get they're money back depends on how the company performs and the stock per formers the next two or three
9:40 am
years. the government is not going to sell their stake, all of it right away it will be a gradual liquidation that will be the determination. >> phil lebeau. did the government have any role in this? >> they say no. they say no. but remember, dan ackerson was appointed by the treasury department. so, if he is their appointee, wouldn't it make sense that they have some sense of what's happen? >> i would think so phil lebeau who covers the auto industry for us and for cnbc, thanks for that elimination, actually. >> a a lot of intrigue. thanks. star trivia, congressman charlie rangel has defeated what father/son combination in two separate democratic primary campaigns? >> the answer is adam clayton powell, jr., 1970, adam clayton powell, iv, 1994678 good news for charlie rangel is maybe he faces adam clayton powell iv yet again in this primary in september. see if he can pull off a three-peat. coming up, a scary economy, scary poll numbers if you are the president, democrats or republicans, frankly.
9:41 am
>> up next this weekly readout on friday the 13th, former white house communications director anita dunn and "washington post" ruth marcus shows us. white house soup of the day, something fishy at the white house. crass brisk. >> for those that wonder it does seem as if the fish on friday rule always seems to make its way not white house mess. >> seems like it. be right back. [ mom ] i can't start the first grade with her. ♪ i can't hold her hand on the bus. ♪ or be there to show everyone how great she is. but what i can do is give her everything she needs
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>> yeah, it was on this date in 1967 the movie "bonnie & clyde" starring warren beatty and faye dunaway made it to the premiere. we have been following a real life bonnie and clyde saga in the rocky mountains and george lewis has been following them from wyoming to montana.
9:45 am
hope he is not in the arctic circle today. >> head to canada. who knows. today is the only friday the 13th on the 2010 calendar, thank goodness. you know it isn't just the superstitious feeling the sense of foreboding today, the economic recovery shaky at best andly if the attendants jump out of planes without notice there, is a lot of unease out there to say the least. >> here for the weekly readout, former white house communications director anita dunn and ruth marcus, editorial writer for the "washington post." let's get started. >> our first topic, we call it driven to distraction. a couple of big issues probably talk about, anita. >> with you on this professional left, robert gibbs stood by his comments in fact, let's read the entire thing of what robert originally said in the interview with the hill. he says, "i hear these people saying he is like george bush. those people ought to be drug tested. i mean, it's crazy them wouldn't be satisfied if tennis kucinich was president. they will be satisfied when we have canadian health care and when we have eliminated the pentagon. that's not rate." robert didn't walk it back, he
9:46 am
just said it was inartful. >> where do you stand. >> in the i think if you look at what the president told the nation in the video when you said hold me accountable, hold us accountable, keep pushing us, that the reality is, you know, inartful, absolutely. take a few days off, please, robert. i think there's a lot of frustration because the battles that this white house have won since the president took office in the midst of this horrific economy, two wars, the crisis here, the battles they have won with and they are feeling, i think, somewhat justified they are being held to such a high standard they don't get credit from the progressives and democrats. i think you see that in the intensity gap in these polls. now the reality is everyone's gonna unite because they have to unite, bus the alternative is so dire. so i think that robert didn't walk it back. maybe he -- what he said inartfully was a lot of the emotion people feel, but at the end of the day, savannah and chuck, this is a democratic
9:47 am
party that is if they are not unite already see some horrific losses this fall. and i think that prospect is the reality. >> well, does this reflect a real erosion of the base or is this kind of a big shinny ball for the immediate gentleman? >> a good shiny ball. the wonderful thing is the balls happen in august. you know how they say you shouldn't pick a fight with people who buy ink by the barrel. you shouldn't pick a fight with people who don't have to buy ink. >> you mean bloggers? >> bloggers, exactly. let's just say it is august we all need a vacation, i share -- i understand his frustration. i thought inartful was washington speak for boy, i really messed up, but for goodness stake sakes, the left and the blogosphere, i think, i have written this word, is deranged in the sense that they just expect president obama to be able to work legislative miracles, not just passing
9:48 am
health care but the health care bill he would have written as if he has 80 votes in the senate and not a bear -- >> the word deranged make your twitter feed interesting today. quickly, speaking of drive are ton distraction, charlie rangel decided it was appropriate date the house was brought back to talk on a jobs bill, woe talk about his own job, obviously not good politics for the white house? >> you know, chuck, i think that it's america. everyone is innocent until they are proven guilty and i think that charlie rangel generally believes he has been held to a very unfair double standard. nobody has even suggested he enriched himself in this process, however there is a difference between what with's right and what's politically right for your party, given how close you are to the midterm, given the fact the jobs bill was supposed to be the key message that day. and i think that, you know, unfortunate timing. >> it was selfish? >> i think he feels very strongly he deserves to be heard. he foals very strongly he has a case to make. i think it was, shall we say,
9:49 am
inartful? >> the word of the day. >> all right. >> we have soup of the day. >> soup of the day. i know. >> inartful. right in here "the daily rundown." move to our second topic, the issue of the economic recovery. i think a lot of people are saying what recovery? it does not feel like much of one. how much is this going to hurt the democrats? our polls this week showed people feel worse today about whether we have hit rock bottom than they did even six months ago. >> you think that these an rational la irrational lack of ex-cube is rance on their own part. i think the economic recovery is going way slower than anybody -- not anybody anticipated but certainly the white house anticipated, the white house had opened, any of us had hoped. whether it is rock bottom or still more down to go the realitis upward slopis going to be very, very slow. very, v. >> anita, do democrats owe the public a plan of how they're
9:50 am
going to change? obviously, meaning the public is upset, they're angry. they're not happy with the republicans, they're not happy with the democrats and they're the ones in charge. do the democrats need to say, hey, this is the way we're going to change the way we did business over the past year. >> no, chuck, that's asking the wrong people to come up with the plan. the reality is, the president took office, this economy was shedding jobs, 750,000 jobs a month. it was headed down the precip e precipice. now, the things that have been put in place have stabilized that with fits and starts more slowly than anybody wants. there are definitely additional things that need to be done. the people who refuse to participate in this who sit on the sidelines criticizing everything and those who are offering, as a plan, the same policies that got us to an economy that shed 750,000 jobs a
9:51 am
month. those are the ones that need to come up with a plan for the future, they haven't come up with one. which is why the republican party in your own poll is at the lowest rating in history. >> we have to leave it there. we missed our last topic which was monday hero, friday. what comes up must go down? >> i'm taking a flight later today and looking forward to whatever might happen. >> the jetblue election. slater -- >> he is trademarked. >> more and more of those candidates who sounded really good. >> yeah, we'll be right back. [ woman ] nine iron, it's almost tee-time... time to face the pollen that used to make me sneeze... my eyes water. but now zyrtec®, the fastest 24-hour allergy relief, comes in a new liquid gel. new zyrtec® liquid gels work fast, so i can love the air®.
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before we go, we want to dip our toes in the shallow end. you may have sampled -- >> it is pop tart sushi. kelloggs has opened this pop tart store in times square.
9:55 am
>> let me tell the story. >> fine. >> there is no fish in the pop tart sushi. crushed up pop tarts surrounded by, well, you know, a rainbow fruit roll-up. if you're asking why eo why a snack like that would be created, publicity. it is featured in the pop-tarts store in times square. in fairness to kelloggs, it worked. we mentioned it and we spent more time than we really want to admit. >> come on, it was the best type of sushi, it didn't have raw fish. it just had raw pop-tarts stuck in it. >> did your teeth desint great upon contact? >> a pop-tart store, my 6-year-old is obsessed with pop-tarts this is bigger than an american girl doll store. that is it for "the daily rundown."
9:56 am
>> coming up next, chris jansing. >> 1:00 "andrea mitchell reports." and we will see you here next week. >> bye-bye, friday.
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developing now. after days of torrential downpours, parts of iowa are under water. hundreds of people have been forced from their homes, more storms could be on the way today. plus, talk show host, talk radio host dr. laura schlessinger is under fire this morning. why would she use the n-word overand over again? is he a folk hero or fraud? now jet blue executives are questioning the story of the flight attendant who flipped out and made a mad dash off the plane. plus -- is she for real? how could such a big voice come out of such a


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